Chopra Dosha Quiz Results


A Question of Balance

Section Two provides a snapshot of your current mind body state. The mind body principle that scores the highest number of points in each section, is the one requiring the most attention at this time.

Invoke Your Inner Pharmacy

The first step in regaining balance is to recognize that the environment around you has a profound influence on how you feel. Paying conscious attention to what you hear, touch, see, taste and smell can help create peace, balance and vitality in your mind and body. A harmonized daily routine that engages the five senses with nourishing impressions is one of the most important steps towards achieving Perfect Health.

Accumulated Kapha

Out of balance Kapha leads to heaviness, sluggishness and congestion. Stimulation and movement help overcome the resistance of accumulated Kapha. Think activation and invigoration. Here are some tips to maximize balance and well-being:


  • Take a yoga class to connect to your body and invoke your natural energy
  • Perform a vigorous daily self massage with Invigorating herbalized oil
  • Take deep breaths throughout the day
  • Favor spicy foods with a predominance of pungent, bitter, and astringent tastes
  • Walk 5-15 minutes after eating to aid digestion
  • Drink Invigorating Tea
  • Put your full attention on your meals when eating

Accumulated Vata

When Vata is out of balance, change and movement agitate the physiology resulting in a sense of instability. Balancing Vata requires introducing more grounding and stabilizing influences. Think routine and consistency. Here are a few tips to encourage balance and well-being:


  • Meditate twice a day to quiet the mind
  • Look for opportunities to create rhythm and routine in your life
  • Go to bed and awaken at about the same time every day
  • Wear Relaxing fragrances
  • Listen to slow and relaxing music to calm Vata
  • Minimize heavy reading, eating, or watching TV right before bed
  • Diffuse relaxing fragrances into your environment
  • Favor mild pastel shades and earth tones in your environment
Friend’s kitty :)

Friend’s kitty :)

Day 3 of Staycation

Goals for today: Eat food. Clean kitchen. Find: camera tripod and box of archival clear sleeves.Get all the tools in one spot instead of scattered about house. Work on group project for class.



I know I’m kinda punchy from being tired, but I keep reading that “Mary Shelley and the Romantics!” pop-punk post, and I start having incoherent thoughts about what the fandom wank would be. There would absolutely be a…

"Now", really bad erotica

really bad erotica inspired by a dream, the main character resembled Peter Stormare’s Lucifer from ‘Constantine" but with slightly longer hair, oddness…

She opens her eyes. Blinks twice. On her right side. In the bedroom. Blinks twice more.


He is kneeling beside the bed, his right hand on her throat. Not choking her but keeping her frozen to the spot.


She tries to look past him but keeps getting lost in his clear pale blue eyes.


There is screaming. Motion, movement. But his eyes. Blue ice but not cold. Depth. Warmth. Curiosity.


A shrill scream much closer to the bed makes her jerk and move to push him away.


In a blink his body is pinning her to the bed.  “you don’t need to see that” he whispers in her right ear.  Odd sibilance that curls deep into her brain.

“let me up” it comes out in a whisper.


Is it raining? she hears odd wet drops pattering down around them.


Rubbing his face against her ear and down into the crook of her neck, breathing in deeply, “Your fear smells so delicious”. A wet tongue traces her collarbone.


Pushing against his wrinkled linen suit. No leverage to wiggle out from under him. Her left arm thumping useless against the mattress. Legs kicking against nothing.


A low chuckle. His hand tightening on her throat as he casually rested his weight on his left arm.


“this doesn’t concern you, you are in the wrong place, this..” He pauses, pale blue eyes scanning her face, “this isn’t your time”


“what-” He is kissing her.


Cloves. Red wine. Chocolate. Amber. Patchouli. Soil. Coconuts. Sunshine. Ocean breeze. Warm sand. Rustling silk. Mango. Mint. Bourbon. Salt. Orchids. Ferns. Sex. Passion. Knowing.


She stretches up to meet his kiss. Her hand moving through his silky dark blonde hair. Arching her body to make more contact.


Lingering kisses. Quick kisses. Deep passionate kisses of lovers newly reunited.


Spreading her legs in the dappled sunlight. Gripping her hips as the sand shifts under his bare knees. Keeping that constant contact, never ceasing in his push forward.


Questions and memories rush forward in her mind. She pushes them aside in favor of the present.


Backward then forward he rocks them. Over and over. Rocking. Pushing. Pulling. Back. And back again.


All bright sky, shimmering ocean, and pale blue eyes.  


Hands dig into her ass as she straddles him. Her fingers smear through the blood on his back. Now it’s her pushing him into her.


His mouth covers her’s again and they breathe into each other. Sounds rushing from deep inside.


Almost frantic.


Fearing the end.

A hand knotted in her hair.



Hot. Cold. Pain. Pleasure. Bursting. Imploding. Seeing stars. Swirling colors. Overwhelming blackness.


She opens her eyes. Blinks twice. On her back. Covered in sweat and sand. In the bedroom. Her fist knotted in the fouled sheets.


Sweet heavy. Sickly sweet.


She sits up and wishes she hadn’t.


Red. She doesn’t want to scream and breath it in.


Red. No way off the bed without stepping in him.


Red. She closes her eyes and can’t begin to understand.


His voice slips in her ear as his arm wraps around her waist.

“now it is your time”

Small sampling of the awesome box of pics, clippings & nicnaks my cousin sent me, that belonged to my dad. #family # heirlooms #guyfamily

Small sampling of the awesome box of pics, clippings & nicnaks my cousin sent me, that belonged to my dad. #family # heirlooms #guyfamily

How to witchcraft






  1. light those
  2. stab this
  3. carve that
  4. shake jar
  5. say the thing

6. Knock pans together

7. yell

8. Collect items that are completely useless but you need them anyways.

9. Burn that

10. Bury this


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Source for more facts follow NowYouKno


Witch Photography by Christopher Mckenney

Nightmare Photography

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